Born of vision, longing and faith, Unified Theory has come together in the face of darkness with a voice resounding the eternal OM: the key, the note, the chord of life, permeating and unifying all who come in contact with it. The men who would be unified in task and in name became a whole through the journey of one of its future members--a journey from Seattle to Los Angeles--in search for the next step, a new beginning. What--or rather who--he found started this chain reaction, which combusted up the West Coast back to Seattle. There, with the fusion of these two voices to a third, the Theory became more defined, solidified: a renaissance of thoughts and notions. A remembrance of why music connects one thing, one person to another so seemlessly, without explanation. From this chaos perfected then came the fourth voice in the Theory: and with him, a spine realized: a structure on which to build. And from these four voices comes one: a unified song touching, calming--perhaps even inciting--the groundswell, the longing which lives both in their music and in the hearts of those who join in this great experiment.

excerpt taken from the official unified theory site
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